V Open Eurasia-Central Asia Book Forum & Literature Festival — it is an opportunity for authors to express themselves, to be heard and to receive the assessment of their works. We focus both on already existing and well-known authors, and reveal the most interesting and original from the beginners.

We offer them the stage, the audience and critics. The viewer is actively involved in the evaluation of works.

Festival is useful for three categories of participants: first, for international participants — an opportunity to communicate with each other, visit new places, meet new people, to talk about their work and share their experience. — the second, for local authors — an opportunity to express themselves, to communicate with the readers, to learn from international experience and take part in the competition. Third, for the audience — the festival is a real treat, where they can appreciate the works as the familiar authors and new authors from Central Asia and from abroad.

Along with literary festivals and competitions will be held video contest and experimental cinema Open Eurasia-Central Asia, which will take part the films created on the basis of works already published by Hertfordshire Press, or taking part in OECABF 2012 2013.2014 2015 or participating in OECABF 2016. The works of five finalists will be shown at the festival.

The festival is a non-commercial nature and gives the opportunity to take part in it to authors from other countries.

The Festival is open to authors of literary works in Russian at the age of 18, regardless of place of residence and nationality, membership of a creative union, sharing in their views of the Festival goals.

Those wishing to participate in the Festival must report it to the organizing committee by submitting a completed registration form to participate in the festival on the website to the email address: bookforum@ocamagazine.com to June 15, 2017

At the moment of the festival is not possible to pay for travel expenses and all authors, but warm and welcoming atmosphere — guaranteed. Questions about preferential stays solved in correspondence with the organizers.

Each approved participant can speak at the festival. Speaking time — up to 5 minutes. Applications with the theme of speech should be sent to the email address: bookforum@ocamagazine.com.

During the festival will be held literary readings, master classes on poetry, prose and literary translation, speed reading, meeting with international publishers, round tables on issues of publishing and translation of contemporary literature, as well as book presentations of the Festival.

Previous Festivals 2012-2015, .:

The first festival was held OECABF 24-25 November 2012 in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), gathering 1300 guests and becoming the first event of its kind in the region. The festival was opened on the former president of Kyrgyzstan — Roza Otunbayeva. The winner of the literary contest became Galina Long (Uzbekistan).

Video: https://youtu.be/Ck0MIvqpm3g

Festival 2013 was held from 5 to 9 November in London and Cambridge, providing an opportunity to the British public to get a better idea of ​​the work of authors from Central Asia. The winner of the literary contest was Zaur Hasanov (Azerbaijan).

Festival 2014 was held from 14 to 17 November in Almaty, Kazakhstan. OECABF 2014 was organized by the publishing house «Hertfordshire Press» together with the National State Book Chamber of the Republic of Kazakhstan, «the Center for Elena Bezrukova», as well as with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Kazakhstan, Akimiat of Almaty and the Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism. The festival was held 38 events. The festival was visited by 2,500 people. With their reports and presentations by more than 65 authors from 10 countries. The winner of the literary contest was Tolibshohi Dawlat (Tajikistan). Video: https: //youtu.be/3P1iPJ6jqxE

The festival was held in 2015 c 6 to 9 November 2015 in London (UK). 22 events were held. The festival was visited by writers, poets, artists, diplomats and politicians from 20 countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Norway, Brazil, Pakistan, Iran, England, Iraq, Netherlands, USA, Russia, Latvia, Serbia, Croatia , Bulgaria, Scotland, Wales. Festival events were held on 8 stages: at the Turkish Cultural Center. Yunus Emre, University of London (University College London), University of Cambridge, in the headquarters of the broadcasting company BBC, the Church of St. Peter (St. Peter’s Church), «Pasha Kyrgyz Kazakh House», «Rich Mix London», Serbian Library in London. The winner of the literary contest was Zinaida Longortova.

Press Release Festival 2015 .: